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Normally, in order to use your digital business card, neither you nor the person you want to interact with need to have an application on your phone. You can do all the operations you have done in the application through our web page without downloading the application. However, we recommend downloading the application for ease of use.

You only need to use your e-mail address to register for the application or portal.

The e-mail addresses written in this field can only be changed twice. For this reason, we recommend that the e-mail address you enter is the e-mail address associated with your business. You have to make your language selection bidirectional as TR-ENG or TR-ESP. 

The mail comes under the heading "System Verification". If you do not see the mail in your inbox, please check your spam box as well.

Your QR code on this page appears directly in front of you every time you enter the application. Thus, you can share your information with people you have just met by showing your QR code or with your NFC business card.

The first of the 3 main headings at the bottom of the screen is “Edit Profile” page. As you can seen on the right side, there are many signs for editing your profile. By tapping the icons, enter and save the information you want to share on your profile.

After editing your profile, you can share all your information by using your QR code with people you have just met. Change your information any time you want and continue to use your card directly. Moreover, if you wish, you can pair your application with NFC cards that we have designed wonderfully for you, and continue to share your information with your card. Along with your own corporate design!

Click on the rightmost area of ​​the main headings at the bottom of the screen.

Select one of our detailed memberships as seen on the screen and click the "Subscribe" button. In monthly subscriptions, you can cancel your subscription anytime. In annual subscriptions, you can cancel your subscription at the end of the year as you wish. If you do not subscribe to any of our subscriptions at the end of the 15-day trial period or cancel your subscription, your business card will automatically be canceled.

You are ready to go!

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