SUI CARDS Asked Questions
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What Suicards is?
Suicards is a digital business card platform. It is a system that allows you to create a digital business card and share documents on the Internet. After setting this digital business card, you can share this digital business card that you have created via your QR code, either without the application or by downloading your application. In addition to all these, you can share your digital business card and documents more quickly with your NFC-enabled cards and mobile phones with NFC technology.
Should I Download an App to My Phone?
It is not compulsory to download the App to your phone. You can create and share your profile with your internet browser on your mobile phones. However, by downloading our App, you can easily perform both your profile editing and profile sharing. You can also perform all these operations from your desktop computers.
How Can I View My QR Code After Editing My Profile?
Once you create your Digital Business Card, you can click on the “QR” code sign in your profile, and then you can view your QR code and take a screenshot if you want it to be on your phone. In addition, when you use the Suicards application, by opening the application on your home screen, your QR code will appear directly on your screen. When you use the application, you can reach your QR code very quickly and easily.
Should The People With Whom I Share My Business Card Have The Application?
The people with whom you share your digital business card do not need to have any application on their mobile phones. Because you create your digital business card profile as a website. For this reason, you can quickly share your digital business card with all mobile phones.
How Does NFC Card Work?
Our NFC cards contain chips. In order to share your digital business card using our NFC-enabled cards, the mobile phone of the person you will share with must have NFC feature. Just as you use your Istanbul metro card to get it scanned before getting on the metro, you need to bring your NFC- enabled cards closer to the NFC zone on the other person's mobile phone in order to share your digital business card in the same way. You can visit the link below to watch the related video
Which Phones Have NFC Feature?
You can review all of this information in the “NFC COMPATIBILITY” section on our website.
How Can I Share My Digital Business Card If Phones Don't Have NFC?
You can share your digital business card with your QR code, which you can use both in your application and by taking a screenshot. In addition, if you use an NFC-enabled card, you can quickly share your digital business card profile thanks to the QR code we placed on the back of this card.span>
How Can I Create My Profile?
You can quickly edit your profile either from your desktop computer or mobile phone by entering your internet browser and clicking on the "Register" button after registering with your e-mail address. In addition, by downloading the “Suicards” application to your mobile phone, you can quickly and easily register and edit your profile.
Can I Change My Information Anytime I Want After Creating My Profile?
Using both the password and the e-mail address information you set while creating your profile, you can quickly and easily change the information in your digital business card by entering your profile editing screen from your desktop computer, mobile phone or your application.
How Can I Change My Information Inside My Card?
You do not need to change the information in your card separately. When you change the information in your digital business card profile, the information in your card changes instantly as well.
How long is the card usage period?
You can use your card between 7-10 years. It does not work with any battery. As your Istanbul metro card does not expire, you can use your Suicards NFC card for a long period of time.
What Happens If My Card Is Lost?
As your card is lost, you can quickly cancel the use of your card from your digital business card editing screen. If you desire, you can order for a new card instead of your card. When your new card is delivred, you do not need to make any adjustments and you can start using it directly.
Can We Make the Card Design the Way We Want?
We can make your NFC card design in the colors and designs you want. For this issue, you just need to send an e-mail to about your designs in ai and pdf formats.
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